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Over the last few years I have worked with Sexwolf! a fair few times from shooting them live to doing their promo shoots. So when they asked me if I would be interested in recording the music video for the song “Non Stop Body Rock” how could I say no…

One thing when I plan a shoot with Sexwolf! we bounce ideas around for a while. Then about 6mths later they message me “Andy lets do this” and within a few days the shoots done and dusted. The same applied with the video shoot ideas bounced around for a while then “lets do it” message comes and the band book a gig at Scruffy Murphy’s with the plan for me along with Chris Bose to record some live footage.


Along with the Live footage we recorded a few small bits to intermix with the footage with the theme “ a Satanists girly night in”

Every time I have worked with Sexwolf! it has been so much fun with lots of laughs, it’s a pleasure to work with these guys go check them out!