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Record Store Day Live 18-04-2015

I managed to fit in two gigs on record store day, first off was a mid day show out side Left for Dead records for the release of God Dam + Baby Godzilla’s spilt release, This was followed on the evening by the e.p release show for Youth Man support by To The Wall (there Birmingham debut show) and the first official gig for Connor hemming’s Bad Girlfriend.

Both shows were amazing show off the massive amount of talent in the midlands at the moment (and Nottingham baby Godzilla) all the bands that I shot today have so much stage presence from the dynamic duo of God Damns Thom and Ash playing like they have 4 guitars but there’s just one guitar but with 4 amp, Baby Godzilla running and swinging off man woman child buildings and anything else they could climb or swing off. Connor hemming (bad girlfriend) again showing why people are calling him the west midlands Iggy Pop with his own brand of scuzzy blues rock, To The Wall channelling all the best parts of the members previous\other bands (Blackfish/Shapes/&U&I) and pulling it off live in brum for the first time. And Youth Mans ripping the sun flower lounge apart with there own brand of punkish swagger, Not afraid to take in to the people with Miles and Kalia both getting in with the crowd.

Hopefully I managed to capture the energy of all the bands in the images below