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Frank Carter & The Rattle Snakes

I have always been a big fan of singers/musicians that when performing wear their heart on there sleeve. And this gig was one of those shows that the singer Frank Carter left everything on stage blood sweat and tears along with a few hundred fans craving for more.

I have seen Frank live a few times before with Gallows and Pure love, and good as those gigs where to shoot and watch. This show was something a bit special, having only release one E.P with 3 songs and 1 hidden track the venue is almost sold out. Frank even said himself that he wouldn’t have gone to see a band if they only had 3 songs release. But that shows what respect and admiration people have for him as a front man.

Frank always give every show 110% but this gig was raw and emotional, with frank having a hard 12mths with the split of pure love and losing his job, but with a silver lining at the end of those 12mths the birth of his first child. This band and show are like his catharsis before each song he told a bit about there meanings but he dedicated one song  “beautiful death” to a friend that had passed away during those awful 12mths. From the start of the song you could hear the pain in his voice and see it in every movement he made. So much so he couldn’t finish the song and knelt down in front of the drums and cried while the band carried on to finish the song.

Truly one of the best and emotional shows I have been to

go check them on on the link below
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes