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Pia Cruz Shoot (NSFW)

I first worked with Pia on a shoot for the collective Classy Avenue after asking Theo to invite her to come along to shoot after seeing her in his music video.

Pia stood out the most on the Classy Avenue shoot with one of our images being accepted to my Vogue.it portfolio. Since then we have shot a few times.  The last being this featured shoot,

We shot in and out side Pia's apartment using a minimal set up for both looks using one bare Elinchrom Quadra A head and used 2 lenses 24-70 f2.8 indoors and then 85mm 1.8 for the outside shots.

We decided before hand that we was going to shoot black and white for the 2 main looks and do a few colour shots (not included here)

Look 1

Look 2