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Dismaland - Bemusement Park

On Friday the 28th of August we set out from Birmingham to sunny Weston Super Mare to visit British artist BANKSY latest offering along side many other artists from around the world. Including works from Paco Pomet, Amir Schiby, Jimmy Cauty (Ex member of the band KLF, and once burnt a million pound in the name of Art), Mike Ross as well as the enigma that is Banksy

As you take the first steps into Dismaland you go in via a airport style metal detector then as you pass through there the first thing that catches your eye Is the big grey castle that hosts in my opinion the stand our art work. Cinderella and her carriage that's over turned with cinders hanging out the window surrounded by paparazzi

As you go around as well as the artwork there are few fun fair style games to play but with a twist, hook a duck from the oil filled water (I won a paper fish finger in a bag), throw a ping pong ball and try and knock over a Anvil. As well as remote controlled boats filled with refugees...

The Artwork makes you think about their message and does leave u feeling a bit Bemused (like the name of the park suggests)

The stand out thing for and the part that holds it all together though are the staff, all looking dismal, bored etc. but there interaction with the people visiting the site is just hilarious. From stopping you from going into a tent for smiling, to telling you not to buy a t-shirt as it’s all crap and a waist of money

Go check out Dismaland if you can get a ticket, i'm sure everyone that goes will take something different from it, 

the majority of the images are taken on my Leica X1 or with my iphone ( the video below is all recorded on my phone) apart from a about 5 shots taken on my Dslr