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Black Sabbath - The End Tour

On Saturday the 4th of February the band that created and influenced  “ HEAVY METAL” music called it a day for their touring life.

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend that show as it sold out instantly.

I did manage to get a ticket for there penultimate show on the Thursday.

I was attending the show as a fan and not there to photography the show as press, but I decided to take a little camera with me a Nikon J5 Mirror less camera. As this would be the only chance I would ever get to photograph Black Sabbath

Here are some of the shots I took with the Nikon J5. I have say I was really impressed by how the camera handled and the images I got with it.

The canon 5dmk3 is what I usually shoot with. But with out a press pass there is no way I could have used this.

 Here are some of the images from the show

 Black Sabbath