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Michael's Barbershop

A while back I did a shoot of Michael Beasley from Michaels Barbershop for a Feature in Sour magazine, I also did a few images of Michael and his Girlfriend ,one of the UK's most well know Tattooed models Becky Holt.

 In a recent interview with This Bear That Forrest Michael explained how he got into the barber trade

" I got expelled from school at a young age and loved hanging out at my local barbers and the guy was a real sound dude and it went from there really. I went from hanging out to sweeping the floor and getting tips from him then had my first set of clippers for my 15th birthday. I started because I looked up to him really, he got me into music and changed my attitude towards people and helped me on my way. He still remains one of my best friends today"

Michaels Barbershop is a small town Barbers with a lot of heart and atmosphere, with the jukebox, pool table inviting customers to feel welcomed and it brings back the community feel of old, When I popped in a few days ago for a cut myself I had to wait a while for mike to finish a few cuts for a lady and her 3 young sons, when the youngest of the 3 boys (about 7yrs old) Michael asked the lady how she wanted him to cut her sons hair, and they lady’s response really sums up how good mike is " I trust your judgment and know you will make him look good so do what you thinks best" the little lad looked nervous at first but Mike put him and ease and was chatting to him and his mother like he had known them for years, Not happy to stand still Michael is expanding and starting his own Clothing Brand, as well as selling other street wear clothing in his barbersso if your from the midlands and want a great cut with a friendly vibe get over to Cradley heath and pay Mike a visit

here are some images and outtakes from the shoot